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Rodgers Construction has assembled a devoted team with extensive industry experience and strong subcontractor and vendor connections to provide superior construction and general contracting services ranging from framing, electrical, plumbing, siding, windows, painting, drywall, and beyond. Our strategy is to proactively collaborate with all project team members to identify project-specific obstacles and opportunities in order to develop comprehensive solutions and achieve all the challenging time- and cost-related goals.

Consistent Innovation

We are committed to innovating our processes and incorporating cutting-edge technology in order to achieve superior results. Therefore, we have developed a seamless and streamlined construction methodology that exceeds project and client expectations via standardized and consistent procedures.

Compliant Construction

Every project begins with a detailed strategy for project execution to ensure project success and maintain an uncompromising quality standard until the project is completed. To ensure a seamless construction lifecycle with no backhauls, our personnel are well-versed in regulatory standards and protocols. In addition, they have received extensive training to address any environmental issue in a systematic manner.

Open-Book Policy

Our open-book policy distinguishes us from the competition, and our customers appreciate it. Because we value our clients’ trust, we provide comprehensive details on how we spend their money and advance their projects. Construction services are our specialty, and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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